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We believe in the great sensual beauty of all legendary music, The rotation of the record is like the soul reproduction of music.
Album:  Journey In Satchidananda
Singer: Alice Coltrane
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 1971-01-01

Album:  The Jazz Messengers
Singer: Art Blakey
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 2007-03-20

Album:  Bill Withers' Greatest Hits
Singer: Bill Withers
Genre: Pop
Issue Date: 1990-10-25

CD / Vinyl
Album:  Songs for Distingue Lovers
Singer: Billie Holiday
Genre: easy listening
Issue Date: 1984-02-13

Album:  Cannonball Adderley
Quintet In Chicago
Singer: Cannonball Adderley
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 1999-04-27

Album:  Live at Luther College
Singer: Dave Matthews / Tim Reynolds
Genre: Live
Issue Date: 1999-01-19

Album:  Live at Red Rocks
Singer: Dave Matthews Band
Genre: Live
Issue Date: 1997-10-28

Album: Money For Nothing
Singer: Dire Straits
Genre: Rock
Issue Date: 1988

Album:  At the Half Note Cafe
Singer: Donald Byrd
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 1997-07-15

Album:  A Love Supreme
Singer: Elvin Jones
Genre: Live / Import
Album:  Original recording remastered
Singer: John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 1986-06-30

Album:  The Healer
Singer: John Lee Hooker
Genre: Bruce
Issue Date: 2001-08-21

Album: Shapes & Sound-1
Singer: Kirsten Edkins
Album:  Shapes & Sound-2
Singer: Kirsten Edkins

Album:  Bitches Brew
Singer: Miles Davis
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 1970

Album:  Night Train
Singer: Oscar Peterson Trio
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 1997-05-20

Album: Nightclub
Singer: Patricia Barber
Genre: Jazz
Issue Date: 2004-11-22

Album:  Wish You Were Here
Singer: Pink Floyd
Genre: Rock
Issue Date: 1975

Album:  Exit...Stage Left
Singer: Rush
Genre: Rock
Issue Date: 1997-07-01

Album:  Hemispheres
Singer: Rush
Genre: Rock
Issue Date: 1977

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